Mission Inclusivity

Mission Inclusivity

December 22, 2020 Blog 0

When I began the process of outlining what I wanted my brand and mission to be, to represent, I knew right away that inclusivity was going to go at the very top. Sure, I wanted to also ensure we were dedicating energy and being mindful of ethical supply chains, sustainable resourcing, and we absolutely could not compromise on quality, but what I really wanted to set us apart was the fact that we valued all women, and wanted our brand to be an obvious welcoming mat to that ideal. But what does that word really even mean? Inclusivity? Do we really want it to just be about size, or is there more to it than that? And as a white girl from the Midwest, what was I going to do to ensure that word did not become just another sales slogan for what we were about to create? Well first, I was going to have to define what the word actually meant for us:


Because first and foremost, we wanted every woman to feel like these clothes were meant for her when she looked at what our sizing options where. And at first glance, that may seem like an easy thing to do; just offer items that range from XS to XXXL or whatever we wanted that range to look like, but as anyone who has actually put any care into their inclusive size ranges, it’s more than just taking a likeable style and simply multiplying measurements up or down by one constant standard. Something designed for a typical sample in a size 2 or 4, is absolutely not going to fit a size 24 model in the same way.

So, our task became that much harder to accomplish. Not only were we looking for brands that offered a wide range of sizes, but we also needed to make sure that the pieces would fit a woman in a flattering way all the way from our smallest to our largest sizes. It’s a very daunting task to take on. Four-way stretch fabrics, and belted accessories quickly became our best friends. But we all know inclusivity does not mean catering only to different sizes of women; it’s also about making sure we are empowering all women when they put on our clothes.

Race, Ethnicity, & Culture

After getting the size issue taken care of, the next thing we needed to focus on was ensuring our clothes were going to fit all shapes too. We needed our pear gals to feel just as beautiful and confident in our styles as our apple gals, and we didn’t want to leave behind squares or hourglasses either. And we found that the best way to do that was to create a supply chain that was representative to all these different types of women.

Right now, Styles by Meagan is just a one woman show, so at the company level we are 100% female and 100% white, but our focus is going to be to build a team that is as diverse as the women we hope to serve. Looking at our supply chain, we have a pretty even split between businesses ran by women and those ran by men, but our diversity leadership is pretty impressive with 64% minority leadership and only 36% white leadership. We hope to continue that trend into the future as well as see that trend featured in our products.

Our Brand

With our vision for what inclusivity is going to mean to us pretty well defined, we are excited for our company to offer an experience that excites and inspires every single woman that comes to shop with us. You can always be confident that you will purchasing something beautiful that will make you feel your best both inside and out!

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